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Our mission is to bring together passionate individuals to identify and build innovative solutions that address the challenges facing online platforms and communities. 

Let's build a safer web together.

We believe working together on a shared problem will unlock new solutions that better protect people no matter where they roam online.

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Every T&S Hackathon yields exciting ideas. Want to check out the ideas and get involved in making them a reality? This is your chance.

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Got an idea that will protect users no matter which platform they're on? Submit your idea for review by the T&S Hackathon Steering Committee anytime.

Trust and Safety Hackathon for Safety by Design

T&S Hackathon: Safety by Design

The Trust & Safety Hackathon team, supported by Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, is hosting a virtual hackathon to improve adoption and coverage of Safety by Design. The virtual event is happening from 2pm PT on April 22 through 4pm PT on April 23.

Big ideas from small groups

Innovative ideas from T&S professionals

Every T&S Hackathon features small breakout groups where members share ideas to solve some of the biggest issues facing online platforms today. These include:

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We’re always looking for passionate individuals who want to make the web safer for everyone. We welcome all T&S professionals (both emerging and seasoned) looking to help protect users no matter where they roam online.

We regularly run in-person and remote hackathons to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

How The T&S Hackathons Work

We're a volunteer-driven program bringing together passionate individuals around the world for the purpose of protecting users no matter where they roam online.

Acting as individuals

Participants take part as a private individual. Any statements, ideas, and views are their own and do not represent a company or organization.

Chatham House Rule

The T&S Hackathon is off the record. Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Knowledge, not secrets

The T&S Hackathon is for sharing ideas, trends, and non-proprietary information. Sharing anything confidential or similar is strictly forbidden.

Driven by values

All participants agree to a code of conduct and a set of values set forth by the organizers. These include diversity, equity, inclusion, courage, curiosity, and fun.

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We partner with leading foundations and companies to make the Trust & Safety Hackathon happen. If you’re interested in sponsoring an upcoming event or want us to run an event for your organization?

Reach out anytime by emailing hello [at] tshackathon.org

This is why we run hackathons


"So many cool ideas emanating in this new space - My brain is abuzz!!!"
T&S Hackathon SF (July '23)
"So many great ideas on how we can use #AI, but what’s exciting is we’re only scratching the surface, so we’ll have to have more of these sessions soon! 😊"
T&S Hackathon SF (July '23)
"A fun and incredibly enriching experience"
T&S Hackathon SF (July '23)