T&S Hackathon Paris

T&S Hackathon Paris - November 2023
The 2nd Trust & Safety Hackathon happened on November 9, 2023 online and in-person at the Sorbonne in Paris alongside the Paris Peace Forum. 

The objective for this hackathon was to bring together professionals, engineers, policymakers, regulators, press, students, and other key audiences who want to dream up potential solutions that protect users from illegal content. Solutions can be both technical (e.g. hash-sharing, new models to better detect AI-generated CSAM, etc) or non-technical (e.g. an industry standard policy template, an open dashboard to track emerging content regulations, etc).
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This T&S Hackathon focused on identifying solutions that answer the following question:

How can we work together to prevent the creation and spread of illegal content?

Sponsors & Partners

The T&S Hackathon is made possible thanks to generous financial support from the Hewlett Foundation. We are grateful to our organizing partners Tremau, the Sorbonne, and ActiveFence.


About the T&S Hackathon

The T&S Hackathon is a volunteer-driven program bringing together passionate individuals around the world for the purpose of protecting users no matter where they roam online. Participants take part as a private individual. Any statements, ideas, and views are their own and do not represent a company or organization. The T&S Hackathon is off the record. Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. The T&S Hackathon is for sharing ideas, trends, and non-proprietary information. Sharing anything confidential or similar is strictly forbidden. All participants agree to a code of conduct and a set of values set forth by the organizers. These include diversity, equity, inclusion, courage, curiosity, and fun.

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