• Idea Title: AlgoSpeakeasy- Open-Source Moderation Evasion Detection Across Platforms
  • Idea Description: Train an AI model using diverse multilingual takedown datasets to identify and flag instances of moderation evasion across platforms, enabling the labeling of posts and profiles that engage in such tactics.
    • Outputs an API to layer over existing trust and safety frameworks to continuously detect new examples of evasion tactics
    • Categorizes types of behaviors and communities associated with those behaviors and flags to humans, allowing platforms and moderators to keep up with multi-platform abuse
    • Bi-directional model allows platforms to contribute to model collaboratively
    • Data anonymized and behavioral focused to remove privacy and compliance risk
    • Mimics GIFCT’s Hash-Sharing Database
  • Contributors: Santiago Lakatos, Tara Chandra, Kyle Weiss, Montserrat Legorreta
  • Point of contact:

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