One-Stop Policy Shop

  • Idea Title: One-Stop Policy Shop
  • Idea Description: We are building an AI LLM on Trust & Safety policies for emerging tech/AI platforms. Enable new and emerging platforms to launch globally robust policies from the outset.
  • Problem/Need: Available platform T&S policies do not account for cultural differences. There’s a need for an AI language model built on Trust and Safety terminologies/glossaries that account for cultural nuances.
  • How: We will leverage publicly available platform policies, vetted academic research on T&S, site safety centers, and existing regulations.
    In the short term, we will leverage DeepL and Google crowdsource for initial language translation for the LLMs. Long-term, we will red-team our LLM with researchers and civil society volunteers.
  • Contributors: Nura Kassim, Janice Murphy, Meritxell Sayos, Tadej Uršič, Chimdi Chukwukere (Facilitator).
    Point of contact:

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