Trauma-informed Tools

  • Idea Title: Trauma-informed content navigation tools
  • Idea Description: Our tool lets people intentionally navigate their online content across all platforms and prevent exposure to individual mental health triggers. AI filters content with context to enable safely browsing online spaces without re-triggering trauma.
  • Examples:
    • Someone who has experienced a miscarriage no longer wants to be exposed to content relating to pregnancy and children;
    • People at risk of recidivism, for example former violent extremists or sexual offenders;
      wno longer wants to experience content/recommendations that would make exiting more challenging;
    • A convicted sexual offender wants to avoid triggering content that may promote re-offending.
  • Contributors: Anastasia Rud, Michael Lin, Lisa McInerney, Tom Quisel, Carl Vitullo, Jessica Zajac, Nathalia Watkins
    Point of contact: Ana Paula Nunes

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