Undersight Board

The Problem
How do platforms represent global communities with a scaled, real-time, & consensus-based voice in the content moderation policy process?

The Solution
A democratically-trained, model-assisted, and regionally-localized voice of the community system for policy inquiry, development, and evaluation. A generative-AI policy testing system built on LLM-derived personas to allow policy managers, moderation leads, and operations teams to generate, test, and deploy localized community-specific inputs for Trust & Safety policy decision-making. 


  • Evan Bell (ekbell93@gmail.com)
  • Sabhanaz Rashid Diya (srdiya@techglobalinstitute.com)
  • Alex Leavitt (alexleavitt@gmail.com)
  • Katharine Norwood (kbnorwood@gmail.com)
  • Bri Riggio (bri.riggio@gmail.com)
  • Prasanna Tamminayana (prasanna.tamminayana7@gmail.com)
  • Theos Evgeniou [facilitator] (theos@tremau.com)




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