Hate & Harassment

Salama Button

Idea Title: “Salama” Button Idea Description: There is an increase in online abuse of children with low reporting of cases of abuse. This is attributed to the complexity of existing reporting systems across all platforms that don’t accommodate the brain … Read More


Idea Title: AlgoSpeakeasy- Open-Source Moderation Evasion Detection Across Platforms Idea Description: Train an AI model using diverse multilingual takedown datasets to identify and flag instances of moderation evasion across platforms, enabling the labeling of posts and profiles that engage in … Read More

AI Intervention

Idea Title: AI intervention for checking and enhancing behavioral traits to detect scam activity Idea Description: A solution applicable to platforms with an established detection system. An enhanced framework of scam activity detection. Contributors: Lucia Stipicevic, Alona Drozdova, Oleksandra Raievska, … Read More

B.L.O.B.I. (Big List of Bad Ideas)

Idea Title: B.L.O.B.I. Big List of Bad Ideas Idea Description: An AI model designed to detect and track emerging hate groups by analyzing and learning from existing data sets of hate speech. In collaboration with trusted partners, we aim to … Read More

AI Safety Network Initiative

Idea Title: AI Safety Network Initiative Idea Description: AI-powered connection model for sharing cross-platform abuse Any industry could spin up their own central clearing house for sharing hashed content identifying abusive users E.g., make it easy for Bumble to tell … Read More

Safety Interventions

Idea Title: Safety Interventions for Text-Based Scam and Fraud Idea Description: Use behavioral analytics, fraud detection machine learning models, textual analysis to detect scam and fraud signals in user to user interaction. Provide warnings and fraud education to users to … Read More

Safe Speak

Idea Title: Safe Speak Description: SafeSpeak is an AI chatbot that empowers users to take control of distressing situations by suggesting recourse options and taking actions on behalf of the user.  Contributors: Daniel Child, Aishwarya Vardhana, Jen Weedon, Lauren Tharp, … Read More